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              Manager: Mr. Michael

About Michael

  Michael is a Designer and Sculptor. He designed many products for several famous companies both in Hong Kong and Abroad, which are selling good for years, till now.

  Although besides Novelty Container, he still have many more good designs, some of them even better, but he reluctant to bring them out, unless the Chinese Government can really control against Copy. He really hate those factories and companies who copy other's designs easily without paying anything! He will prefer to bury all of his designs instead of be copied by others.

 About Novelty Container

 Our current product is Novelty Container, we have more than twenty different sizes, some suitable for Chocolate Container, Ice-Cream Holder, Candy Jar, some suitable for Cookie Jar, Money Bank, some for Preserved Fruit Holder, some for Wine Cup of Party, Medicine Holder, Stationary Container etc.

  And for each size, we have many different designs suitable for each Season and Occasion, for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine, Party, New-Born, Wedding, Everyday, Birthday, Graduation, etc. Also usually we sell by set, if there is a boy, it should be another girl to match him, and they all have their own name and story. Among them are Terry Boy and Jamie Girl, Ugly Cute Boy and Girl, Big Eyes Boy and Girl, Big Lip Boy and Girl, black boy and girl etc.

  Since our Novelty Container could be suitable as both food containers and gifts, the raw material used maybe different according to different requirements and sales channels. Some customer need large quantity and low price, some may need MOQ and excellent quality.

  For food containers, we have all the related food safe test reports Europe and USA markets may required.

  And we can supply our containers filled with different kinds of confectionery like Jelly Bean, Gummy Candy, Chocolate, Biscuits etc also, upon to customer's requirments.

Filled Novelty Container

  Upon to customer's requirments, we can supply Filled Novelty Container as well. Foods inside the Novelty Container normally are Chocolate, Candy, Biscuits, Preserved Fruits etc. All the foods we will offer inside are all approved by European or USA standards.

About Chocolate Decoration and other Polyresin Figurines

 Besides Novelty Container, we sell many small figurines as Chocolate Decoration, also some big Figurines as Desk Decoration etc. OEM design is also welcome.

  If you may have any query about our products, please feel free to contact us at info@yicktatproduct.com.hk. We are looking forward to our fruitful cooperation from now on.





           Santa Candy Container                               Chocolate Container                       Ice-cream Holder


                Chocolate Jar                               Preserved Fruits Holder                                    Chocolate Jar


                     Terry Boy Biscuits Holder                                                     Jamie Girl Candy Jar


           Easter Rabbit Shaped Chocolate Egg Holder               Easter Chicken Shaped Chocolate Egg Holder         


                  Owl Shaped Icecream  Holder                                      Chicken Shaped Icecream Holder



                       Valentine Wine Cup                                                            Medicine Holder




                    Medium Jar Display Box                                                         Small Jar Display Box      





                                  Design Office                                                                  Artwork Office

           Designer Marco Balestra            Designer Andrey Collins                Designer Kapoor Meyuhas

           Designer Antonio Masto             HK Designer Alex Chan                HK Designer Daniel Wong  





                                    Factory                                                                             Moulding             


                                    Moulding                                                                          Sealing


                            Injection                                         Selecting                                    Prototyping 


                     Hand Painting                                   Hand Painting                                   Hand Spraying


                     Hand Painting                                 Hand Painting                                   Hand Painting


                       Packing                                          Packing                                              Packing




                    Gummy Candy                            Gummy Candy                                   Gummy Candy


                    Gummy Candy                                Jelly Candy                                   Jelly Bean    



                           Santa Shaped Chocolate                                               Santa Shaped Chocolate



                Diamond & Heart Shaped Chocolate                                      Insects Shaped Chocolate


                           Round Shaped Chocolate                                              Round Shaped Chocolate

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